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Amatorski film z podróży po Japonii. Trochę trzęsie, szumi, trzeszczy, ale pokazuje prawdziwą Japonię. Tak, jak się ją widzi bedąc TAM. Dlatego z chęcią obejrzałam ten film. Przywołał wspomnienia. :)

Poniżej opis tego, co widzimy na filmie. Enjoy!

READ 読んでください

Here is a list of the bits which might interest some viewers:
0.00-2.30 Arriving in Japan, Meiji Jingu 明治神宮
2.30-3.30 Shibuya, meeting Matt 渋谷、 マシューと待ち合わせ
3.30-5.50 Day in Shibuya 渋谷
5.50-11.15 Me and Matt visiting an Abandoned Love Hotel. We found an abandoned shop on the way. 廃墟
11.15-12.30 Going to my grandparents, Grandad doing calligraphy. 宮崎の家族と待ち合わせ
12.30-15.40 Hyottoko Matsuri (funny Japanese festival, typical) ひょっとこ祭り
17.40-20.00 Visiting a shrine inside a cave 神社
20.00-46.00 Lots of family clips: 家族のビデオ
-Cousins playing in a park いとこが公園で遊ぶ
-Aunts talking and singing おばちゃんが歌ってる
-Me and my cousin visiting his brother and bringing him home いとこを迎えに行く
-Going to a nearby river and swimming 川泳ぎ
46.25-48.00 Japanese Obon (sending away your ancestors spirits) お盆送り火
50.40-58.15 Typical Japanese 'Ohaka mawari'; visiting ancestors graves, and praying. Also video of Kurashiki, lovely Japanese old town. お墓周り、 倉敷
58.52-60.30 Making of Okonomiyaki おこのみやき
62.24-63.40 Walking around Central kyoto 京都
63.47-64.20 Making of Takoyaki たこやき
64-67 Pool and Karaoke カラオケとビリアード
67-75 Going to Tokyo, visiting second cousins, wii, cousin comes to visit, more wii. 東京え、はとこと待ち合わせ、Wii、いとこが遊びにくる、Wii。
74.40-77.00 Harajuku and Gotanda 原宿、五反田
78.50-81.30 Brass Band Concert ブラスバンド
82.00-83.30 Akihabara and Nihonterebi 秋葉原、日テレ
83.30-84.50 Graves of the famous 47 Ronin 47浪人お墓
88.30- Credits! Watch :D クレジット。

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